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Cycles Per Second 07/15/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Your musical jumping-off point from tonight’s show starts here and now…


Naive Set – Soft on Terror

Kevin J. McKay – Headspace

Thibault – Drama

Mint Field – Contingencia

Peel Dream Magazine – New Culture

ALL HITS – Blockhead

Confío en tus amigos – Extasis

Wax Chattels – No Ties

Fear of Men – Into Strangeness

MELLIE – Good Wish

Mr. Wrong – Holding for Healthcare

Tough Age – My Life’s A Joke & I’m Throwing It Away

Even As We Speak – Stronger

Spring Reverb – Bric-A-Brac

Barbara – Moon Life

The Special Pillow – Serious Eyedrops

The Minders – Magic Anorak

Shonen Knife – Better

Cycles Per Second 07/08/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Do you want to know where to hear more from the bands played on tonight’s show and buy their music? Yes, yes you do…


The King In Mirrors – Never Trust Your Weather App

Tam Vantage – Crystal Bath

The Scones – Ode To The Mountains

Tapeworms – Safety Crash

Kevin Hairs – HOUSE OF 1000 ROOMMATES

The Radio Dept. – You’re Lookin’ At My Guy

Woolen Men – Cool Breeze

The Birthmarks – I Know You Know

Hooper Crescent – Bible Studies

+/- – Single Lens Reflex

Flower – Blood

Sahara – Warped Mirror

HOME BLITZ – What We Wore

The Wolfhounds – Pointless Killing

Versing – Red Wave