Monthly Archives: August 2020

Cycles Per Second 08/12/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Resources for how to find and buy music from the artists played on the August 12, 2020 edition of Cycles Per Second…


Woolen Men – Outta Reach

Honey Radar – Medium Mary Todd (Version Two)

Awful Sirs – Don’t You Call

VIOLENT CHANGE – Dreary Example

Ribbon Stage – Cry in the Driveway

Groupie – Daleko

Dead Roo – Nick of Time

Glenn Mercer – Here She Comes Now

Emerald Comets – Twilight Houses

Options – Better Past


Lunchbox – Every Time I Go Away

The Human Hearts – A Different City for a Different Life

Dusty Miller – Focus

Hazy Sour Cherry – Hot Summer Night

Port Sulphur – Olive Avenue

Thee Mighty Angels – The Kids Are Not Alright

The Cool Greenhouse – Smile, Love! (Radio Edit)

Cycles Per Second 08/05/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

First show of August! And it’s a doozy. Listen here, then buy below…


Exploding Flowers – Far, But Never Gone

The Very – Not Your Satellite

Silverbacks – Drink It Down


Gull Boy – Shredder (Tommy’s Troubles)

Capitol – Piano Exit

Agent blå – Atopos

Neonic Sundrive – Collapsed Stars

Crawlies – Lifeboat

Rachel Aggs – New Beat

Astrel K – You Could If You Can

Order of the Toad – Ladys Mantle

Alpine Subs – Wind Burn

Buddhist Bubblegum – Merry-Go-Round

Superchunk – Can’t Stop the World