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Cycles Per Second 09/16/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Gems old and new on this week’s show – listen, then dig into each band’s catalog…


SWANSEA SOUND – Corporate Indie Band

The Luxembourg Signal – 2:22

The Stroppies – Used To

Speed the Plough – Beautiful Place

Outer World – A Still Life

The Shifters – Left Bereft

Sweeping Promises – Cross Me Out

Chiens de Fai╠łence – Chats Gris

The Cool Greenhouse – Alexa!

The Green Child – Low Desk : High Shelf

The Smashing Times – Shade, The Changing Man

The Arthur Brothers – Sun Gun (Radio Edit)

Ryan Fisherman – Down

The Knees – Speaking In The Back Seat

Sugarsting – Bragging Star

Awful Sirs – Yeah You Tell Me

Cycles Per Second 09/09/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Listen to this week’s show, above, then continue your musical discovery via links to the artists featured, below…


Jetstream Pony – If Not Now, When?

All Ashore! – Radio Sunshine

Milky Wimpshake – Capitalism Is A Perversion

Rose Melberg – Jules Rules

Sulka & Moonsoup – It’s All Over

The Brother Kite – No Way Out

TheCatherines – What Am I Doing Right

David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels – bittersweet

Elrichman – I Mostly Consume

Lawn – Talk of the Town

The Pastels – Advice To The Graduate

Smokescreens – I Love Only You

Wife Patrol – Let’s Hang Out

Plastic – Spider Fingers

Honey Bucket – Furniture Days (live)

S:Bahn – Sync or Swim

Thigh Master – Head of The Witch (live on WFMU)

Citrus Clouds – Honey