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Cycles Per Second 03/16/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week we’ve got Melbourne mania! Lilting pop (Low Key Crush) to pummeling post-punk (screensaver) to vintage electro-pop (Hydroplane) to icy synth pop (Modal Melodies). SF Bay pop, psych (Now) to pensive (Sob Stories) to hushed (Flowertown). Plus reissues from New Jersey’s Feelies axis (The Trypes), LA proto-pop (Narrow Adventure) & dark Cleveland indie (My Dad is Dead). All your further musical exploration needs can be met below…


Posmic – Whirly King

Now – Living In The City

Narrow Adventure – Prop 2

jeanines – Don’t Wait For A Sign

Skiftande Enheter – Statsepidemiolog

The Monochrome Set – Really In The Wrong Town

screensaver – Clean Current

My Dad is Dead – Anti-Socialist

Modal Melodies – Occupants

Hydroplane – New Monotonic FM

Flowertown – The Door The Thief The Light

The Trypes – The Undertow

David West – 6AM Style

Sob Stories – All The Time

Low Key Crush – Night Time

Stuart Moxham – Cars In The Grass (live)

Cycles Per Second 03/09/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Canadians Canadians Canadians on this week’s show: Montreal post-punk (Coins Parallèles) and Toronto bringing pop from noisy (Weird Nightmare) to sunny & swirling (Young Guv) to minor-key jazzy (Fortunato Durutti Marinetti). Sparkling Spanish pop (Las Selvas) indie rock from Japan (Forbear) and the UK (PUBLIC BODY, Cowgirl), and effervescent new Aussie indie (Flowertruck). As always, links below to everything played on the show…


neutrals – Gary Borthwick Says

Mick Trouble – Me and the Riddle Tree

Las Selvas – Náusea

Cowgirl – Time Moves Along

Red Pants – All Your Pink Stars

Weird Nightmare – Searching for You

Spring Silver – I Saw Violence

Forbear – Discharge

PUBLIC BODY – Reset My Password

Coins Parallèles – Ne rien faire

Young Guv – Take Up All My Time

The Ashenden Papers – Night Walk

Lande Hekt – Romantic

Routine Caffeine – Straws

Flowertruck – Crying Shame

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti – I Came Here For A Reason