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Cycles Per Second 08/23/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: American indie, from psych echoing (The Smashing Times) to lush (The Garment District), fuzzed-out pop (Blues Lawyer, Blue Ocean) and spiky art-punk (Patio). Start-stop rock from Dublin, jazzy folk-pop from London (The Clientele) and Aussie jangle from Melbourne (Soft Covers, The Small Intestines). Plus reissues of German punk, a lost NZ post-punk single, and the surprising return of a post-C86 UK band.

Lengthen your listening by checking out the Bandcamp pages (below) for all the new releases heard on the show…


Feeling Figures – Across The Line

Patio – Relics

Solatudes – Home Again


Blue Ocean – Fertile State

Soft Covers – The Real Housewives of Porpoise Spit

The Smashing Times – Monday, In A Small Dull Town

The Clientele – Claire’s Not Real

The Garment District – Left On Coast

Blues Lawyer – Have Nots

Mousefolk – Sleepwalk

Soft on Crime – Catamaran

The Small Intestines – Old Town

The Feelies – Rock & Roll (live)

Hans-A-Plast – Rank Xerox

Cycles Per Second 08/16/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Shoegaze sounds from all around: Japan (STOMP TALK MODSTONE), New York (Candy Claws) and San Francisco (seablite). Jittery post-punk from Australia (Delivery) and the UK (Steak Blake, Sydney Herds), top-grade American indie rock from Philly (Gaadge) and Seattle (Versing) and psych-lo-fi from Detroit (Quiltboy’s Exploding Dream) and SF (Hospital, Now). Plus more new indie from Slovenia (Uryan), Japan (Mica Flakes), Australia (EXEK).

Showing some link love below to all the artists in this week’s show…


seablite – Melancholy Molly


Candy Claws – Distortion Spear

Gaadge – Any Timers

Versing – Nowhere

EXEK – Welcome To My Alibi

Delivery – Widescreening

Steak Blake – Wonderbread

Sydney Herds – Work From Home

Quiltboy’s Exploding Dream – People in the mirror

Hospital – Dad On Vacation

Spiral Dub – Top Of The World

The Exbats – Like It Like I Do

Now – Loose Strand

Uryan – Missing Out

Mica Flakes – Always Feel