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Cycles Per Second 01/04/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Starting the first show of the new year with a set filled with music from the SF Bay area (Whitney’s Playground thru Sad Eyed Beatniks). New fuzzy pop and shoegaze from New Zealand (Blair Parkes), Japan (モネノユ – 模倣), Greece (Secret Postcards) and Chile (Soquete). And bright-eyed pop from Boston (Kid Gulliver), NYC (Balk) and LA (Billy Tibbals).

Bandcamp links to everything you heard on this week’s show can be found below…


Whitney’s Playland – Rain Song

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – You’re Never Safe From Yourself

Preschool – Soft Spaces

Children Maybe Later – My Favorite Painter

Sad Eyed Beatniks – Bonnie Dash

Blair Parkes – how much further ?

Melted Ice Cream – Volar

モネノユ – 模倣

Secret Postcards – Never Dreaming

Soquete – Mancha de aceite

Balk – Through and Through

Billy Tibbals – Onwards And Upwards

Taxidermists – KO

Corker – Lice

Lonely Leary – 放火 (​不​插​電​)

Kid Gulliver – Kiss And Tell

Cycles Per Second 12/28/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

It’s the last week of the year, and that means it’s time to wrap things up with my year-end show! All songs played on the show this week are selections from my favorite LPs and EPs released in 2022. Check out the links below in the running playlist, or skip to the bottom for the rankings proper.


Student Nurse – Garbage (1982)

Cozy Slippers – Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow

Model Shop – Letters to Melissa

Field School – I Just Want to Paint You in Pictures

Star Party – Push You Aside

Mo Dotti – Loser Smile

Skiftande Enheter – Lyckan I Din Hand

Aluminum – Windowpane

neutrals – Gary Borthwick Says

Galore – Ladders

Green/Blue – In Lies

Artsick – Look Again

Doe St – Chasing the Scream

Jeanines – Any Day Now

Horsegirl – Anti-glory

The Stroppies – Smilers Strange Politely

Ribbon Stage – Playing Possum

Ex-Vöid – Churchyard

Chronophage – Summer To Fall

EggS – Old Fashioned Virtue

Cycles Per Second :: Best of 2022

Top LPs

  1. EggS – A Glitter Year (Prefect Records/Howlin Banana)
  2. Chronophage – Chronophage (Post Present Medium)
  3. Ex-Vöid – Bigger Than Before (Don Giovanni Records)
  4. Ribbon Stage – Hit With the Most (K Records/Perennial Death)
  5. The Stroppies – Levity (Tough Love)
  6. Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance (Matador)
  7. jeanines – Don’t Wait For A Sign (Slumberland Records)
  8. Doe St – Doe St (Legless Records)
  9. Artsick – Fingers Crossed (Slumberland Records)
  10. Green/Blue – Paper Thin (Feel It Records)

Top EPs

  1. Galore – Blush (Paisley Shirt Records/Safe Suburban Home)
  2. neutrals – Bus Stop Nights (Static Shock Records)
  3. Aluminum – Windowpane (Dandy Boy Records/Discontinuous Innovation Inc)
  4. Skiftande Enheter – Öppna Landskap (Happiest Place Records)
  5. Mo Dotti – Guided Imagery (Smoking Room)

Top Local LPs

  1. Star Party – Meadow Flower (Feel It Records)
  2. Field School – When Summer Comes (Bobo Integral)
  3. Model Shop – Love Interest (Meritorio Records)
  4. Cozy Slippers – Cozy Slippers (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
  5. Student Nurse – Think For Yourself: Seattle Tour 1979​-​1984 (self-released)