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Cycles Per Second 06/17/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Sunny sounds in this mid-June edition of Cycles Per Second. Get a little light, below…


Shrouded Amps – Flat Screen Blue Sheet Lightning Room


Gum Country – Talking To My Plants

Ishadi – After

Tam Vantage – Nothing Left To Lose

Bob Mould – American Crisis

Field Mouse – Valley Winter Song

Je Suis Animal – Painted In My Face

The Orange Peels – Everybody’s Gone (California Version)

2nd Grade – Velodrome

Time Stalkers – Spanish Restaurant Style

R.E. Seraphin – Look Away

Lavender Flu – Letters to Tiptree

The Citradels – Only You

Gold Celeste – Tell Me Something

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Worry Wart

Secret Shine – Ember

Cycles Per Second 06/10/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Links to purchase, listen, learn more about each of the bands played on this week’s show, below…


Kiwis – Fer

The Slow Summits – Safe and Sorry

Clever Square – Avocado Phishing

The New Existentialists – Didn’t Have Time

Initiates – Minotaure

No Age – Head Sport Full Face

Cloud Factory – Amnesia

SAVAK – Feel What You Feel

Omni – Constant Reminder

Shark Toys – Out Of Time

The Clientele – Closer

Modern Nature – Harvest

The Cakekitchen – Trouble Again In This Town

Pale Lights – Say You’ll Be the One

Thibault – Centrelink