Cycles Per Second 01/06/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

First show of the new year! Do you hear what I hear? Great indie bands in this week’s show, available for your purchase below.


Bob Mould – Password to My Soul

EggS – Old Fashion Virtue

Styrofoam Winos – Stuck In A Museum

The Midnight Steppers – The Method Singer

Wurld Series – Nap Gate

Public Places – 3 Lefts = 1 Right

Milk Crimes – Ghosts

Demolition Means Progress – Communication

Youth Valley – Young Sad Lovers

Swansea Sound – I Sold My Soul On eBay

Thibault – Spanakopita

Sapphire & Steel – Home

Cinéma Lumière – Dream Catcher

Docks – Cardinale Nord

Eggy – Your End