Cycles Per Second 01/27/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Put a quarter in this celestial indie jukebox to hear my weekly finds, then bring out some bills below to have the goods delivered….


The Spires – Pre Post War

Baker’s Place – Starless Eyes

TUNS – My Memories

Sweat Enzo – All Going Bye So Fast

Teenage Fanclub – I’m More Inclined

Beautify Junkyards – Reverie (feat. Nina Miranda)

Rachel Love – Primrose Hill

Alpine Decline – Get Out of the Way

Stoop Kid – The Way It Is

Moderate Rebels – Perfect Grey Day

Fake Fruit – No Mutuals

Groupie – Critic’s Eye

Adele & The Chandeliers – Something good is happening

Davey Woodward – Bad Day

Chris Brokaw – The Heart Of Human Trafficking