Cycles Per Second 07/20/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: More Kiwis and Aussies this week: Christchurch experimentalism (Ben Woods) to garage pop (Jim Nothing), Melbourne minimalism (Champion Racehorse) to guitar rock (Michael Beach) to indie pop (Free Time), and rock in the spirit of The Saints from some Sydneysiders (Doe St). Plus new American indie from Chicago (Lifeguard, The Rubs), Seattle (Catch Rabbit, TV Star), Philadelphia (Honey Radar) and NYC (Ribbon Stage, Mick Trouble, BODEGA, Free Time [also, yes!]).

Peruse the links below for more…


Free Time – That’s Rare

Ribbon Stage – Playing Possum

Jim Nothing – Yellow House

TV Star – Song 159

The Rubs – Waste of Time

Mick Trouble – Theme From “We Are The Buzzcocks”

Doe St – The Old Guard

Michael Beach – Out In A Burning Alley

THA RETAIL SIMPS – Brain and Stomach

Lifeguard – I know I know

Fontanarosa – Translated Sight

Champion Racehorse – s un bathing in the. snow

Ben Woods – Speaking Belt

Honey Radar – [Untitled]

MISZCZYK – In The Dark (feat. Laetitia Sadier)

Catch Rabbit – Folding in Thirds

One Man Bannister – The Saddest Noise- The Sweetest Noise

BODEGA – The Art Of Advertising