Cycles Per Second 11/10/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A rush of new music as we barrel towards the end of the year, with purchase links as usual, below…


Power Supply – PS3

stressless – catch & release

Stutter Steps – Lift

Jetstream Pony – Seven Days

Artsick – Despise

Blair Parkes – no plans

Tam Vantage – A Butterfly

Versus – Silver Vein

Bottomless Pit – Sacred Trench (live)

Liiek – Object

Acid Smoker – Freakout

Massage – In Gray & Blue (Single Version)

The Smashing Times – A Changing Letter

Lande Hekt – 80 Days of Rain

Cy Young – Crushing demo

the Greengrocers’ (u.s.) – Rotten Apple’s