my Xmas radio show

Jen Matson (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 16:34:11 -0500

Last night was my third annual Indiepop Xmas Show, though less "pop" than
usual this year, partly due to listener demand. Hell, I hate playing the
same old songs year after year anyway. ;) Anything with a Xmas, winter or
"holiday" theme was fair game.

Over two years of hunting for holiday-themed recordings has obviously paid
off, as I had so many records this time around I extended my show to two and
a half hours. (I was the last DJ on, so I could do that.) Here we go...

Jen M. on Record Hospital, special Xmas edition
WHRB in Cambridge, Mass. 95.3FM
10pm to 12:30am

pop stuff...
Waitresses - "Christmas Wrapping"
Orange Juice - "Holiday Hymn"
Cardinal - "If You Believe in Christmas Trees" [request]
Go-Betweens - "Hope"
Tuscadero - "Holidays R Hell"
Fall - "Xmas With Simon"
Wilfried - "If You Come For Christmas"
Loud Family - "It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas"
Wedding Present - "Stepping Into Christmas"
Cuckooland - "Silver Bells"
Goblin Mix - "The Winter Song"
Aztec Camera - "Hot Club of Christ"
St. Etienne - "I Was Born on Christmas Day"
Captain Sensible - "One Christmas Catalogue"
Helen Love - "Happiest Time of the Year"
Velocity Girl - "Merry Christmas, I Love You"
Durutti Column - "Snowflakes"
garagey-punk section...
McTells - "Snowy White"
Lazy Cowgirls - "Sock It to Me, Santa"
Descendents - "Christmas Vacation" [request]
Phantom Pregnancies - "Gee Whizz, It's Xmas"
anti-Xmas section...
Fall - "No Xmas For John Key"
James White - "Christmas with Satan"
Space Negros - "Jingle Hell"
Showcase Showdown - "Merry Christmas, I @$#!ed Your Snowman"
Further w/Summer Hits - "Christmas Has Been Canceled Due to Lack of Interest"
White Town - "Why I Hate Xmas"
more pop...
Grenadine - "J-I-N-G-L-E Bells"
Hugo Largo - "Angels We Have Heard on High/Gloria"
Miracle Legion - "Little Drummer Boy"
Girl Trouble - "Sleigh Ride"
Fizzles - "It's Snowing Outside"
Cannanes - "Christmas Tree"
Shoetrees - "Christmas Trees"
Gregory Webster - "Winter"
Chris Stamey Group - "You're What I Want (For Christmas)"
Whippersnappers - "The Christmas Song"
Throwing Muses - "Santa Claus"
followed by...
A demented multi-record Xmas medley!

It was FUN.