playlist: indiepop Xmas on WHRB

Jen Matson
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 14:24:25 -0500

Figured I'd just type this up while the turkey is cooking...

I had a fun two and a half hours last night spinning Christmas tunes new and
old over the air. (It had been almost a year since I'd last DJ'ed, ah how I
miss it...) Among the callers were one (maybe two?) listmembers who made a
few requests.

So here's the playlist. Anyone wanting a copy mail me, and I'll dub a
110-minute (edited) version onto tape for the cost of tape/postage.

Jen M.'s Indiepop Xmas show
10pm - 12:30am / Dec. 24, 1996
WHRB, 95.3 FM

Waitresses - "Christmas Wrapping"
Bunnygrunt - "Season's Freaklings"
Stars of Heaven - "Three Kings Day"
White Town - "Why I Hate Christmas"
Wedding Present - "Step Into Christmas"
St. Etienne - "I Was Born On Christmas Day"
Pullover - "Last Christmas"
Carpool - "The Days Will Be Longer Soon (The Chrsitmas Eve Song)"
Brighter - "Tinsel Heart"
Cardinal - "If You Believe In Christmas Trees"
Helen Love - "Happiest Time of the Year"
Louis Philippe - "Christmas Sun"
Julian Cope - "Christmas Mourning"
Gregory Webster - "Winter"
Loud Family - "It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas"
Wobblesox - "Get Your Socks Off"
Chris Stamey Group - "Christmas Time"
Orange Juice - "Holiday Hymn"
Cowboy & Spingirl - "Christmas, Christmas, Christmas"
Fizzles - "It's Snowing Outside"
Dump - "Christmas Card"
Velocity Girl - "Merry Christmas, I Love You"
Throwing Muses - "Santa Claus" [original version]
Yummy Fur - "Kabuki Actor's Christmas"
Girl of the World - "Tinsel Surf Darlings"
Shonen Knife - "Space Christmas"
Coctails - "Jingle Bells"
Fat Tulips - "Like Christmas"
Red Sleeping Beauty - "Christmas"
Secret Shine - "Snowfall Sorrow"
Luna - "Egg Nog"
Fall - "Xmas With Simon"
Girl Trouble - "Sleigh Ride"
Cannanes - "Christmas Tree"
Miracle Legion - "Little Drummer Boy"
Durutti Column - "Christmas For Pauline"
Big Star - "Jesus Christ"
O-Positive - "Christmas Presence"
Spent - "Santa Claus to the Rescue"
Galaxie 500 - "Listen the Snow Is Falling"

BTW, I must admit there was a decent amount of overlap from last year's
show, mainly because I had a limited number of records to work with. All my
LPs and most of my CDs are still packed away, so it was a largely 7" singles