October Surprise

Who among us hasn’t been looking for a distraction from any of the many injustices and ills (literal and figurative) facing our world right now? Even in The Before Times, I’d count on my regular pilgrimages to rock clubs near and far to energize me when feeling low.

Given that outlet no longer exists—nor do I expect it to again anytime soon—I’ve been spending a lot more time in my office, surrounded by my records, zines and musical memorabilia collected over the past 30+ years. And I’ve been using some of that time to excavate, organize and digitize. Next step: share.

I’ve challenged myself to throw something from my archive out into the world and online every week this month. This week, it was the sole single by my old band, made available online for the first time. In the coming weeks? Well, here’s a little hint of what’s to come via something I tweeted back in May: