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Cycles Per Second 05/20/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Like what you heard on Cycles Per Second this week? Here are the details on where to find more from each band…


The Wolfhounds – Can’t See The Light (radio edit)

Shrouded Amps – Shakespeare Book Burning

Apple Orchard – A Slow Dissolve

Seven Hour Days – Too High To Say Hi

The Arctic Flow – Goodbye Oceana

Public Practice – Compromised

The Floaties – Square Eyes

Miss Rayon – Violent Inside

Las Kellies – Rid Of You

Girl Friday – Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern

The Beths – I’m Not Getting Excited

I Saw You Yesterday – Wander

Kevin Krauter – Full Hand

the memory fades – 14 cheerleader coldfront

Kane Strang – Standstill (demo)

Lagunas Mentales – Cool It Down

somesurprises – Country Sun

Cycles Per Second 05/13/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Hot links to music played on today’s show – listen and buy!


Virginia Trance – Some People

The Stroppies – Look Alive

Thee Mightees – Paranormal Vacation

Secret Towns – Malta Kano

Girlatones – Can’t Complain

BOAT – Zombie State Of Mind

Gum Country – Tennis (I Feel Ok)

The Death of Pop – Once Good

LOVE SPORT – Giant Hoof

Radical Dads – Vanishing Point

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Falling Thunder

No Joy – Birthmark

Cavern of Anti-Matter – ZinZan’s Avec Moi

Space Daze – Don’t Even

Brainbeau – The Illumination of Eminonu

Alastair Galbraith – Pull My Daisy

Heart Beach – Other Side