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Cycles Per Second 01/19/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Time flies when you’re having fun… every single week doing this radio show! Celebrating 5 years on the air at Hollow Earth Radio, Cycles Per Second this week brings you more never-before-heard live recordings from my personal collection, with songs from The Mad Scene (Hamish Kilgour/The Clean), Sebadoh, Japanese Beetles (Shonen Knife/Christmas/Big Dipper) and Pest 5000. Plus new indie music, as always.

Links to buy and/or listen to more are below…


The Mad Scene – People To Talk To (live)

Parker Sprout – Milk in the Sun

No Suits In Miami – The Robins Sang

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed

Clear Capsule – Surface Dweller

The Japanese Beetles – Ice Cream City (live)

Hot Gum – Names

Yucky Duster – Johnny

Bas Jan – Sex Cult

Bad Penny – So Pretty

Heart Shaped – Version of You

Sebadoh – Good Things, Proud Man (live)

Robert Scott & Dallas Henley – Onside

alicia jeanine – go or stay

The Orchids – I Don’t Mean to Stare

The Chills – I’ll Stick By You

Pest 5000 – Fault (live)

Cycles Per Second 01/12/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week: Jangle USA from the greater SF Bay (Artsick, Orange Dots, The Reds, Pinks & Purples) to Minneapolis (Green/Blue) to Boston (bedbug). Aussie pop from Brisbane (Seasoning) to Sydney (Sweetie), punk from Melbourne (Gemini). Scandinavian indie percolating in Norway (Pom Poko), pulsating in Sweden (Astral Brain). Plus new music from old Brit faves (The Monochrome Set, The Jazz Butcher).¬†Links below to relevant Bandcamp pages for everything played on the show…


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – I Still Owe You Everything

Green/Blue – Day Gone

Seasoning – Friends

Sweetie – Blind Spot

The Luxembourg Signal – Travel Through Midnight

Balkans – Dressed In Black

Gemini – Public Figure

Confusion – Mucosidad

Artsick – Look Again

Astral Brain – Treasures

Orange Dots – A lot to take

The Monochrome Set – Hello, Save Me

Pom Poko – Enduro Corner

Walking Lands – Greet! Yield!

bedbug – songs about ghosts

The Jazz Butcher – Running on Fumes