Cycles Per Second 08/10/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show has got: Psych-pop from Scotland (Order of the Toad) to San Francisco (Healing Potpourri), jangle from the UK (The Chesterfields, The Cleaners From Venus) to the USA (The Crystal Furs, the Photocopies). New music from British post-punk luminaries from Dolly Mixture (Rachel Love) and The Subway Sect (Vic Godard). And a loping, lo-fi lament from the late Zac Denton.

Follow the links to find more about your faves…


The Chesterfields – Mr Wilson Goes To Norway

The Photocopies – Westfield

The Cleaners From Venus – Lo​-​Fi London

The Crystal Furs – Charlatan

Vic Godard – High Ole Time

Order of the Toad – Golden Rod

Healing Potpourri – Fireworks

Rachel Love – City Girl

Dodda Rivka – No Star

Puzzles y Dragones – El final de mi felicidad

Aggi – Spill My Blood

re:lapse – say

Night Court – Sorry Syndrome

Dwaal Troupe – Lucky Dog

The Death Of Pop – For a Minute

The Happy Somethings – Retro Is Nouveau

Zac Denton – Ciggie Whinge

Cycles Per Second 08/03/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this show this week, we’re California dreamin’ with Bay Area lo-fi guitar pop crunch (Devoted Fans) and kaleidoscopic jangle (The Variable Stars), and hushed pop from LA (Peel Dream Magazine). Post-punk from late-70s Italian minimalist (Influenza Prods.) to modern-day Australian groove (Th Blisks). Seattle shoegaze (New Age Healers), Baltimore psych-pop (The Smashing Times) and Louisville indie rock (Wombo).


The Smashing Times – Mother Nature Is Son

The Variable Stars – Lights Above Los Gatos (Mystery Lawn)

Devoted Fans – You’re Shy

Kiwi jr – Unspeakable Things

Peel Dream Magazine – Pad

You Fools! – Orbit Vampire Robot

David McClymont – Time Waits

Hydroplane – New Monotonic FM

Influenza Prods. – Mémoire

Pale Blue Eyes – Little Gem

Th Blisks – A Salve

Freak Genes – Strange Charm

Wombo – Regular Demon

New Age Healers – Setting Sun

Moon In June – Noise Reduction

Air Miami – Airplane Rider