Cycles Per Second 10/14/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A garden of international delights await in this week’s show. Zoom in on your favorites below…


Terrible Signal – Retire

Gen Pop – Bright Light People

Sorry Eric – C Avg. (nstop radio edit)

The Lice – Stagefright

Sleeper & Snake – Shoot Through

Frys – Lost

Agent blå – Lay in my Arms

Lo! Peninsula – Wounds That Sting Never Heal, Do They?

Seatemples – Holograms

Initiates – Voidless


The Luxembourg Signal – The Morning After

Flying Fish Cove – Viridian

Joe Sampson – Psych Slasher (4 – track Demo)

Blake – Such a Shame

Order of the Toad – Fabulator

Free Zines

Relive the 90s indie music scene through the interviews, reviews and musings captured in the pages of my zine, Nonstop Diatribe.

Both are being made available in digital form as free downloads. But if you’re a fan of tangible media (and want to admire the risograph-printed cover in your very own hands), print copies of issue #2 are also available to order.

Nonstop Diatribe #1

Now available in digital form for the first time: this free download of the debut issue of Nonstop Diatribe, originally published in 1992. Straight from the teenage mind of Jen Matson, this issue features:

  • Interviews with:

  • A Go-Betweens pictorial discography

  • A rather heated Boston vs. New York face-off

  • Guest columns and comics

  • ...and the requisite roundup of record reviews

Send download link to:

Nonstop Diatribe #2

A free, downloadable PDF of Nonstop Diatribe issue #2. Contains interviews conducted 1992-1994 with:

  • Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens

  • Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens

  • Tim Gane of Stereolab

  • David Gedge of the Wedding Present

  • Robert Scott of the Bats

  • Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3

…plus other vintage content both real and imagined. 44 pages.

Interested in a print copy? You can order one here.


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