Cycles Per Second 03/03/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Mark your favorites from the show this week now, so you’re ready to click that “Buy” link this Bandcamp Friday…


Nightshift – Spray Paint The Bridge

Die MaŐądchen – Schallplattensammlung

Fievel Is Glauque – Unfinding

Robert Scott & Dallas Henley – Rattled

Rachel Love – Down The Line

Flyying Colours – Ok

Grids and Dots – City Skies

Black Twig – Animal Drawing

HighSchool – Frosting

Zebra Hunt – What Are We Waiting For (Live)

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – The Record Player and the Damage Done

Devon Williams – La La La La II

Crystal Canyon – Boomerang

Hello, I’m Sorry – I Don’t Know You

The Umbrella Puzzles – Everyone Knows It

Wurld Series – Distant Business

FACS – Strawberry Cough

Cycles Per Second 02/24/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Start queueing up your favorites from this week’s show in anticipation of Bandcamp Friday next week. Links to purchase, as always, below…


Ibex Clone – Archicast

Baker’s Pace – Ninth Hymn Stroke

Car Parts – Desert Island Sauce


Tangled Shoelaces – The Biggest Movie Ever Made

Pale Blue Eyes – Motionless

Las Selvas – Ride

S:Bahn – Exhaustion

The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – After You

The Vovos – Temporary Solution

The Catenary Wires – Mirrorball

The Orange Peels – Give My Regards to Rufus

Creature in the Spiral – Play

Seven Hour Days – Feeling Sad

Jay Clarkson & The Containers – Far