Cycles Per Second 02/01/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Guitar pop from Australia (Spice World) and New Zealand (Surf Friends), dreamy fuzz-pop from Spain, German electro-punk (D.B.R.), and shimmering psych from the UK (Ulrika Spacek) to Japan (White Heaven). Pacfic Northwestern indie from Seattle (TV Star) and Portland (Woolen Men). Plus some way out and wavy sounds from middle America, from Louisville (Equipment Pointed Ankh) to Chicago (brainwaiver), to Memphis (Ibex Clone).

This Friday is another Bandcamp Friday, so scan the link dump for your faves…


Spice World – Decorated Boy Scout

Ibex Clone – There Is No Light

Whitney’s Playland – Sunset Sea Breeze

TV Star – Room

Woolen Men – Forgotten 45

White Heaven – Paper Beach

Equipment Pointed Ankh – Port of Indiana

brainwaiver – $6.66

Ulrika Spacek – The Sheer Drop

Surf Friends – Something Real

Primer Infant – Warm Hurricane

Double Grave – Heavy

D​.​B​.​R​.​ -​ Hit U

Cycles Per Second 01/25/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Post-punk sounds from France (Moleskine), Canada (Home Front) and Germany (Pieuvre). Electro-pop from Miami (airhockey) and Seattle (Telehealth); electro-punk from Melbourne (GEE TEE). Hummable guitar-pop tunes aplenty from Ireland (Soft on Crime), the UK (silver biplanes, The Early Mornings), Indonesia (Loca Polka) and the USA (The Telephone Numbers). And a dreamy new single from Seattle’s Coral Grief.

Links to everything you heard on the show can be found below…


silver biplanes – No Better And No Worse

Terry – Gold Duck

Moleskine – Doubting About

Home Front – Faded State

Pieuvre – Trust

The Early Mornings – It’s Not What You Want

The Telephone Numbers – Weird Sisters

Soft on Crime – Conditioned Reaction

Tracksuit – Never Asked Me

Enjoy The Weekend – Ghost

M-Jo – lunettes de soleil

Coral Grief – Copycat

Loca Polka – Solace

airhockey – Close

Telehealth – Taliesin Grid

GEE TEE – Cell Damage