Cycles Per Second 05/22/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Jangle & fuzz from Indonesia (Splitz) and Japan (Junji K), Belgian dance-punk (Plexi Stad), Canadian twang (The Garrys) and Scottish pop from swirling (Nightshift) to straightforward (The Cords). American indie from Chicago DIY pop (Sharp Pins) to New Orleans stuttering haze (Belong) to LA gaze (Draag) and experimental punk (Rearranged Face). Plus rock (Bad Bangs), punk with a pop swirl (Antenna) and a drumming legend (SnarskiCircusLindyBand), all from Australia.

Full menu of songs, with links, below…


Nightshift – Crystal Ball

Sharp Pins – Is It Better

Splitz – No Bye Bye

Junji K – red train​(​追​憶​の​レ​ッ​ド​ト​レ​イ​ン

The Cords – Rather Not Stay

SnarskiCircusLindyBand – I Don​’​t Think I​’​ll Ever Sleep With You Again

Belong – Souvenir

Draag – Microgravity tank

Bad Bangs – Sympathy

The Garrys – Cakewalk

Blueboy – One

Antenna – Lost

Crumbs – Rest In Pieces

Plexi Stad – Stand​-​by (Stuck on)

Rearranged Face – A Cloud Of Birds

Laughing – Will She Ever Be A Friend Of Mine

Cycles Per Second 05/15/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Lots of music from the SF bay, both indie rock (pardoner, Fake Fruit) and gentle pop (Sad Eyed Beatniks, The Aislers Set). Japanese jangle (Cycling In Marmalade, Lucie,Too) and rock from New Zealand (N.T. Honey, Pearly*). Plus more new indie from Germany (DBR), Switzerland (Binary Sunset), Austria (rolltreppe), the Netherlands (Naive Set), Canada (The Sylvia Platters) and Australia (Summer Flake).

Playlist annotated with artist, release and label links, below…


Fake Fruit – Mucho Mistrust

Pearly* – Say Whatever

N.T. Honey – Run Away

Fly Ashtray – Doggerel

DBR – Small Amount

TV Star – Ride

The Sylvia Platters – Same Devices

Cycling In Marmalade – ア​フ​タ​ー​カ​ッ​ト

The Aislers Set – Mission Bells (BBC session)

Sad Eyed Beatniks – You Belong With Us

pardoner – Over The Moon

Lucie,Too – Heartbeat

Binary Sunset – maillot de bain

rolltreppe – mietenlied

Clickbait – Pumpkin Spice

Naive Set – No Relation

Chairs – Struck Down (feat. Susu Laroche)

Summer Flake – Nothing Lasts Forever