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Cycles Per Second 10/20/21: Bandcamp, etc.

Details on how to grab your favorites from this week’s show are in the links, as always…


Almost Lovers – Turn Around

The Nervous Hex – Wash

Dianas – Bliss

Laetitia Sadier – New Moon

Julia Shapiro – Someone

screensaver – No Movement



Bantam Lyons – Wilhelmine

The Mary Veils – Home Video

Colatura – The Met

Puzzles y Dragones – Documentos TV

Swansea Sound – I’m OK When You’re Around

Silicone Values – Nothing Wrong With Me

The Dream Syndicate – Slide Away (Demo, 1985)

Cycles Per Second 10/13/21: Bandcamp, etc.

Circumnavigating the globe with fresh tunes from hemisphere to hemisphere, all available for you to bring back home via links below…


The Spires – Two Thoughts One Head

People Mover – The Joy

Minisnap – Hedge

X-Ray Charles – Field Recordings Of Animal Noises (2020 Remix)

Best Bets – Crystal Mausoleum

The Jazz Butcher – Time

Buns – Get Ahead

Felt Pilotes – Walk Away

Discus – vasulka returns

Violent Change – Garden of Luxury

Pays P. – Olatunji

Soumbalgwang – Dance

Dazy – Fool In The Mirror

BEECH – Wrap Your Head Around It

Chain Of Flowers – Was You