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Cycles Per Second 02/14/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Two fuzzy blasts of Aussie psych-pop (Parsnip, Phil & The Tiles), SF Bay shoegaze (Torrey) to jangle (Kelley Stoltz), Glaswegian art-pop (Dancer) and a NZ post-punk reissue (Ballon D’Essai). American indie rock from Philly (SOCIETY), Portland (Guitar) and Washington state (careen). And sounds from drone-y to dreamy from the UK (the telescopes), Paris (Special Friend, The Gentle Spring) and here in Seattle (somesurprises).

More music and purchase info for everything you heard this week, just a few pixels below…


Parsnip – The Light

Phil & The Tiles – Death Ship

Dancer – Change

SOCIETY – Nowheresville

Ballon D’Essai – Smash Crash

Special Friend – Paints a Picture
Link TK

Torrey – Bounce

Kelley Stoltz – Reni’s Car

The Lovely Basement – Gas Station with a Bar

The Gentle Spring – Dodge The Rain

Guitar – Baying Of Dogs

Leopardo – That Kind of Love

careen – The Slice

the telescopes – (In The) Hidden Fields

somesurprises – Why I Stay

Daniel Johnston – Silly Love

Cycles Per Second 02/07/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Guitar pop USA from Minneapolis (Real Numbers), SF (The Umbrellas, Cuneiform Tabs, Flowertown), Portland (Lions of the Interstate) and Seattle (Spiral XP, TV Star). Modern freakbeat from Virginia (Outer World), LAA post-punk (Vaguess) and power pop from NYC (The Follies). Plus new indie from Scotland (Dragged Up), France (En Attendant Ana), England (Grazia, Laetitia Sadier).

Learn more about each artist via the links below…


The Follies – I Idled

The Umbrellas – When You Find Out

Pylon Reenactment Society – Flowers Everywhere

Lions of the Interstate – White Trucks

Cuneiform Tabs – Yesterday Is Nexus

Real Numbers – Don’t Look Away

Love Child – Greedy

Outer World – The Drum the Beat

Grazia – Speed Freak

Vaguess – Cease To Grieve

Dragged Up – Machine Person

Flowertown – The Ring

En Attendant Ana – Red Sleeping Beauty

Laetitia Sadier – Panser L​’​inacceptable

Leah Callahan – Wish

Spiral XP, TV Star – Space Person