Cycles Per Second 01/25/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Post-punk sounds from France (Moleskine), Canada (Home Front) and Germany (Pieuvre). Electro-pop from Miami (airhockey) and Seattle (Telehealth); electro-punk from Melbourne (GEE TEE). Hummable guitar-pop tunes aplenty from Ireland (Soft on Crime), the UK (silver biplanes, The Early Mornings), Indonesia (Loca Polka) and the USA (The Telephone Numbers). And a dreamy new single from Seattle’s Coral Grief.

Links to everything you heard on the show can be found below…


silver biplanes – No Better And No Worse

Terry – Gold Duck

Moleskine – Doubting About

Home Front – Faded State

Pieuvre – Trust

The Early Mornings – It’s Not What You Want

The Telephone Numbers – Weird Sisters

Soft on Crime – Conditioned Reaction

Tracksuit – Never Asked Me

Enjoy The Weekend – Ghost

M-Jo – lunettes de soleil

Coral Grief – Copycat

Loca Polka – Solace

airhockey – Close

Telehealth – Taliesin Grid

GEE TEE – Cell Damage