Cycles Per Second 08/23/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: American indie, from psych echoing (The Smashing Times) to lush (The Garment District), fuzzed-out pop (Blues Lawyer, Blue Ocean) and spiky art-punk (Patio). Start-stop rock from Dublin, jazzy folk-pop from London (The Clientele) and Aussie jangle from Melbourne (Soft Covers, The Small Intestines). Plus reissues of German punk, a lost NZ post-punk single, and the surprising return of a post-C86 UK band.

Lengthen your listening by checking out the Bandcamp pages (below) for all the new releases heard on the show…


Feeling Figures – Across The Line

Patio – Relics

Solatudes – Home Again


Blue Ocean – Fertile State

Soft Covers – The Real Housewives of Porpoise Spit

The Smashing Times – Monday, In A Small Dull Town

The Clientele – Claire’s Not Real

The Garment District – Left On Coast

Blues Lawyer – Have Nots

Mousefolk – Sleepwalk

Soft on Crime – Catamaran

The Small Intestines – Old Town

The Feelies – Rock & Roll (live)

Hans-A-Plast – Rank Xerox