Cycles Per Second 09/13/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: A NZ indie rock block (Vorsen, Wurld Series, Swallow the Rat, PRETTY DUMB). Australian twangy jangle (The Blankettes) and French a capella (Sainte Lucie). New American indie from Portland (The Stone Rollers), Memphis (Alicja-Pop), NYC (BODEGA) and LA (Bed Bits). Plus sparkling 80s indie gems from the vault from ex-Servant David Westlake and NYC combo The Woods.

And now for the relevant links to listen and/or purchase more from the artists featured on this weeks show…


Vorsen – Terraformer

Wurld Series – Lord of Shelves

Swallow the Rat – Gravois Park


Velocity Girl – Warm​/Crawl – Early Mix

The Stone Rollers – Stone Rolling

Bed Bits – Ceiling

BODEGA – Images

Robert Scott & Takumi Motokawa – Aramoana

Sainte Lucie – J’ai faim

The Woods – Miracles Tonight

Jetstream Pony – Sixes And Sevens

Alicja-Pop – I’m Here I’m There

David McClymont – I Don’t Know

The Jasmine Minks – She Knows

David Westlake – Dream Come True (BBC)

The Blankettes – Wide Brown Land