Cycles Per Second 09/28/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie pop from Norway (Love Dance) to Scotland (Western Column) to England (The Chesterfields). Lo-fi pop & psych from SF (Almond Joy, Ryann Gonsalves), Chicago (Pleasant Mob), Paris (Animalmore), Adelaide (Junk Harmony) and Columbus, OH (Smug Brothers). Post-punk from Austria (Lime Crush), USA (Crime of Passing), UK (Freak Genes). And new music from NZ’s The Chills!

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to get more from your favorite artists this week starts below…


Love Dance – Parallel Lines

The Chesterfields – Tuesday Night

Western Column – Club Orange

Lande Hekt – Ground Shaking

The Chills – Nowhere

Lime Crush – Care

Almond Joy – Oh Henry!

Ryann Gonsalves – Contradiction

Pleasant Mob – Irene

Animalmore – Sleepy Hollow

Junk Harmony – Tunnel Vision

Smug Brothers – Treasure in the Beholder

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice – The Realest

Freak Genes – Among the Drain

Crime of Passing – Midnight Underground

Michael Beach – Only A Memory