Cycles Per Second 12/01/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

What’s on the show this week? More new Aussie music, this time all from Melbourne: shimmering rock (Dianas), jittery surf pop (Hobsons Bay Coast Guard), skronky post-punk (Delivery) and a bit of drone (Chateau). Chinese power pop (Nouvelle), South Korean gauzy guitars (eurasia), Danish jangle (Kindsight), Swedish rock (VERO) and way out sounds from the UK (Dama Scout, The Same). Plus American indie from Philadelphia (Big Heet), New York (caramel snow), Boston (Prickly) and Seattle/Tacoma (Fotoform, J.R.C.G.).

And this Friday is the last scheduled Bandcamp Friday, so follow the links below to stock up…


Dianas – Vision


Dama Scout – dan dan bub

Big Heet – New Temp

Delivery – Personal Effects

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard – Heaven

Nouvelle – Baby, Don’t Be Too Sweet

Kindsight – Don’t You Grow Up

caramel snow – Xquisite Torture

Prickly – Fancy Party Hairdo

eurasia – 잃어버린 꽃

Fotoform – Too Late

J.R.C.G. – V

Chateau – Buru

The Same – Hot & Cold