Cycles Per Second 12/7/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Aussie indie from Melbourne (Imperial Leather) to Brisbane (People Mover), German punk (Ultrabonus) and Canadian psych-rock (Shirley & The Pyramids). Reissues of music from Glasgow (The Orchids), Boston (La Peste), Cleveland (My Dad Is Dead) and Little Rock (The Divine Hook-Up). Plus a tribute to NZ music legend Hamish Kilgour, via a live The Mad Scene song and a cover of The Clean by The Courtneys.


Blues Lawyer – Chance Encounters

People Mover – Not

career – Hotel

The Mad Scene – Whole World (live)

Imperial Leather – Smile Now, Cry Later

The Orchids – Caveman (Peel session)

La Peste – Better Off Dead

Ultrabonus – La Vela

The Divine Hook-Up – Train to Saturn

Sun Foot – Apples in a Drawer

They Are Gutting A Body Of Water – French

Shirley & The Pyramids – Sapanta Blue

The Church – C’est La Vie

My Dad Is Dead – Anti-Socialist 2

April Magazine – Drowner 16th

The Courtneys – Point That Thing Somewhere Else