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Geography: Boston --> NYC --> Boston --> NYC --> Seattle

Work: I've worked at a video store, a record store, a video/music store, an entertainment newswire, an ISP, a record label, an interactive agency, an alternative newspaper and another interactive agency where I'm proud to have helped make cool things like this. Currently making web sites and other interactive applications work better and look nicer.

Addiction: I've been an avid music listener, consumer, participator and collector for many years, accumulating far, far too many records in the process. (Truly.) Though there are actually a few records that have somehow eluded me. Yes, I am the person who would buy up all the good records before they got put out into the bins of the record store I worked for. (Boston-area post-punk and independent pop fans circa '91-96: sorry.) My record collection is still not unpacked, over a month after the move. My cat is just having so much fun using the tiny towers of cardboard cubes as both things to claw on and perch from.

I used to play all my new records on WHRB (95.3 FM in Cambridge, Mass) when I used to DJ there way back when. Since then, I've been know to sometimes spin indiepop Christmas tunes on Christmas Eve. You can take a peek at playlists from my Indiepop Xmas Show for either Christmas 1995 or 1996. Or listed to some lo-fi RealAudio streams of some of my favorite holiday tunes.

Email: jenstop [{ at }] gmail.com

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