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Cycles Per Second 12/30/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Time to close out 2020 (thank god!), and therefore time for my best-of 2020 LPs and EPs list. On today’s show I played tracks from my top 10 LPs, top 5 EPs, and from a few “honorable mention” LPs. All great, all worth buying. See below…


R.E. Seraphin – Clock Without Hands

Ribbon Stage – Favorite Girl

Dummy – Pool Dizzy

Neutrals – Your House

Neurotic Fiction – Assimilate

Peel Dream Magazine – Pill

The Stroppies – Holes in Everything

The Bats – Warwick

Guardian Singles – Tea Lights Exploding

Gum Country – I Don’t Stay Up

Smokescreens – Fork In The Road

Galore – In My Head

Jetstream Pony – Outside

Melenas – No Puedo Pensar

En Attendant Ana – Do You Understand?

Sachet – Arncliffe Babylon

Sweeping Promises – Hunger For A Way Out

Terrible Signal – Retire

Cycles Per Second :: Best of 2020

Top LPs

  1. Terrible Signal – The Window
  2. Sweeping Promises – Hunger For A Way Out
  3. Sachet – Nets
  4. En Attendant Ana – Juillet
  5. Melenas – Dias Raros
  6. Jetstream Pony – Jetstream Pony
  7. Galore – Galore
  8. Smokescreens – A Strange Dream
  9. Gum Country – Somewhere
  10. Guardian Singles – Guardian Singles

Top EPs

  1. Neurotic Fiction – Romance
  2. Neutrals – Rent​/​Your House E​.​P.
  3. Dummy – Dummy EP
  4. Ribbon Stage – My Favorite Shrine
  5. R.E. Seraphin – A Room Forever

Cycles Per Second 12/23/20: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Fresh sounds from this year’s holiday spectacular, many of which expire at the end of this week. So check out those Bandcamp links before your favorite seasonal tune melts like snow in the sunshine…


Fotoform – They Say It’s Always Lonely

Pip Blom – All I Want For Christmas

Outer World – Arc & Bow

Sugar World – Just Like Christmas

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – We Won’t Come Home at Christmas Time

Marble Gods – I Remember Xmas

Crocodiles – Christmas In Hell

Jellies – Candy Cane Lane

Berk/Lehane – An Irishman For Christmas

Diet Cig – Happy Holiday

The Hannah Barberas – Can You Hear the Snowfall?

The Aislers Set – Cold Christmas

the bv’s – i hope there’s no snow

Jetstream Pony – Hit the Snow

Apple Orchard – One Christmas Catalogue

Blades of Joy – Christmas Time