Monthly Archives: May 2021

Cycles Per Second 05/26/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Closing out May with a fresh blast of indie pop and post-punk, with details—as always—below…


Ducks Ltd. – As Big As All Outside

Holiday Ghosts – Leaving Today

the laundromat chicks – i might explode

Parades – Paper Doll

Carpet Burn – Butterfinger Hands

FACS – General Public

MESH – Traveler

loulou – Depend On Me

Snooper – Pod

CVCC – Wait

Moscow Olympics – Ocean Sign

Grade School – Keep You Sane

Semihelix – Recoil

Shrapnel – Orpheum Protocol

Sugar Candy Mountain – Impression\

(T-T)b – I Don’t Wanna Die

Cycles Per Second 05/19/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This month’s May flowers continue to bloom, so after listening above to the show, harvest your favorite blossoms below…


Flat Worms – Circle

Reality Instructors – I’m Enrolled

Dumb – Pizza Slice

pardoner – Broadway

Altre di B – FAQ

formal wear – Suffer Today

Sydney Herds – New Sydney

XV – First Letter

Presents For Sally – Smoke Signals

Hello Whirled – I’ll Hold The Mirror

The Smashing Times – The Colour Wheel

2nd Grade – Favorite Song

Gap Year – We All Know

Phantom Handshakes – No Better Plan

Hause Plants – Visual Diaries

Gold Muse – Lucid Angular

Tapeworms – Magic Pierrot

WE ARE JOINERS – Black & Blue (nstop radio edit)