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Cycles Per Second 07/17/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: A spectrum of indie pop, from garage-y NZ jangle (Best Bets) to spirited Cali crunch (The Frenchmen) and taut NYC melody (lame drivers). From the UK, drone-folk in rock overdrive (David Lance Callahan) to swirling and pulsating go-go pop (The Soundcarriers). Plus dreamy and dark strums from the Bay Area (Parallel, Tony Jay), indie rock from Bordeaux (Pretty Inside, Cosmopaark) and a Young Marble Giants-related Welsh obscurity (Reptile Ranch).

Wanna hear more? You’re in luck: links to band and label pages this way down…


Best Bets – Monster

The Frenchmen – Change Of Season

lame drivers – State of Mind

Pretty Inside – Life Inside a Jelly Bean

Weak Signal – Wannabe

The Soundcarriers – Already Over

Chris Cohen – Night or Day

David Lance Callahan – Robin Reliant

Cosmopaark – Pure Intention

dip – traffic

Reptile Ranch – Saying Goodbye

Galaxie 500 – I Wanna Live

Parallel – Blister

Tony Jay – The Darkest Corner

CLASS – Just A Worm

Cycles Per Second 07/10/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Jangle from the UK (Mt. Misery, The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness, 14 Iced Bears) to USA (Chime School, The Ekphrastics). An Aussie rock block, with punk from Melbourne (screensaver, Delivery, Halfheads) and Hobart (RABBIT), plus trippy dub-pop from Sydney (Th Blisks). And more USA indie from Chicago (Lifeguard), SF (Sad Eyed Beatniks), Columbus (Winston Hightower). Plus the return of Beijing indie rock group Carsick Cars.

Listen to more from every artist featured this week, via links below…


Mt. Misery – Lunch Break

Chime School – Wandering Song

The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness – Wouldn’t Be Anywhere Else

14 Iced Bears – Balloon Song (Peel Session)

The Ekphrastics – Make Your Own Snowboard

Lifeguard – Ministry / Energie


screensaver – Permanence

RABBIT – Dollarmites

Halfheads – History of Weird

Delivery – Digging the Hole

Sad Eyed Beatniks – It’s Who Makes the Scene

Winston Hightower – Insubordination Rules

Maripool – mistakes i make

Th Blisks – Knuckledust

Carsick Cars – Farewell