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Cycles Per Second 03/22/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: French indie rock (Tally Ho!), Aussie punk (Optic Nerve), unearthed vintage Japanese post-punk (Non Band). Jangle from the UK (Holiday Ghosts) to Canada (Tough Age). Plus new American indie from Boston (Invisible Rays) to NYC (Zwei Null Zwei, Fly Ashtray) to Olympia (FUGITIVE BUBBLE) to the SF Bay (Whitney’s Playland, April Magazine, CVCC, Public Interest).

links to listen and purchase below…


Tough Age – Time & Again

Holiday Ghosts – Favourite Freak

Fly Ashtray – Why Are You Asking Me?

Tally Ho! – Standing Tall

Dazy – Always In Between

Public Interest – Residue

Non Band – Vibration Army


Optic Nerve – Trap Door

Whitney’s Playland – Backwards Forever

April Magazine – Brighter

Sumos – Finding A Way

CVCC – Bardo Youth

Invisible Rays – Grounded

Zwei Null Zwei – No Reference

Cycles Per Second 03/15/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Jangle that crashes from France (Litovsk), lilts from Argentina (facultad de medicina), and motors along from the USA (Eyelids). Loping indie rock from Glasgow (Homework) and American DIY sounds from weird pop (Linda Smith/Nancy Andrews) to the uncategorizable (XV). Plus a whole mess of Aussie sounds from Melbourne (Flyying Colours, The Green Child, The Toads), Brisbane (Relay Tapes) and a Melb/Adelaide combo (Delivery + Workhorse).

More about every band featured in tonight’s broadcast via the links below…


Flyying Colours – Do You Feel The Same?

Litovsk – There Ain’t No Answer

The Toads – Nationalsville

Das Phaedrus – Photowall

Delivery + Workhorse – Who Makes Demands?

Eyelids – They Said So

Scam Likely – Staring at the Sun

Homework – Paper

The Lost Days – For Today

Linda Smith/Nancy Andrews – Spare Me the Details

facultad de medicina – hola, como estas?

Rat Paws – Bad Arcade (Seattle version)

The Decibels – Walk Away

Fastbacks – A Quiet Night

Neon Kittens – Wrapped in Plastic

XV – Funkyconomy

Green Child – Step Over Water

Relay Tapes – Fader