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Cycles Per Second 01/20/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Inaugurating a new batch of songs for a new week in this new year. Listen above, learn more below…


Michael Beach – De Facto Blues

morvern – Die

EggS – Three Wishes

Coalfalls – Stephenson Street

Subsonic Eye – Cabin Fever (nstop radio edit)


Stereolab – Dimension M2

Silicone Prairie – Dance to the Beat

Beige Banquet – Wired/Weird

career – Microwave

Squitch – Part of Me

Cool Ghouls – Helpless Circumstance

Kiwi jr – Waiting in Line

The Vapour Trails – That’ll Do It

The Lemons – Gummy Worm

Cycles Per Second 01/13/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A stylistic smorgasbord on this week’s Cycles Per Second. Sample above, commit below…


IAN SWEET – Dumb Driver

wor_kspace – Transfer

Ghost Power – Inchwork

Nightshift – Power Cut

Lazy Eye – Inconsistent Borderline

Prints In The Snow – Glue

Soft Covers – Grow

BOARHUNTER – lucky cookie (mono mix)

Dolour – Televangelist

Death March – Saktan

pHoaming Edison – Sit/Stand/Fall

LELEE – Kopnež


The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – Betty Ford James

Amparo Carmen Teresa Yolanda – La Guerra Interior