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Cycles Per Second 06/28/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie rock from California (pardoner, Flat Worms, Spiritual Cramp) to Australia (Wireheads, Bad//Dreems). Dreamy post-punk from Melbourne (rocky), art-pop from SF (Present Electric), shimmering jangle from Belfast (Neil Brogan). Plus 90s demos from a former Velocity Girl!

Check out more from each band via the links below…


Sarah Shannon – Wheel In A Wheel

pardoner – Dreaming’s Free

Hook-Ups – Meatfarm

Bad//Dreems – Desert Television

Shady Bug – zero expectations

rocky – Repeater

Silver Car Crash – Pleasure Zone

Present Electric – Snurr​-​skivan

Teenage Tom Petties x We Are Joiners – Punching Bag

Spiritual Cramp – Nah, That Ain’t It

Wireheads – 1000 Red Venomous Snakes

Flat Worms – Time Warp in Exile

Youth Valley – Promising Young Man

Neil Brogan – Chlorine Gardens

Space Daze – Shadows of You

The Vacationists – Please Remind Me

Static Animal – lovesick melody

Roy Montgomery ft. Emma Johnston – Dear Imprudence

Cycles Per Second 06/21/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Shoegaze and dream pop from Australia (Grids and Dots, SGO), Spain (Bélver Yin), the UK (Slowdive) and the USA (Film School). Chiming Scottish pop (Former Champ) and urgent Scottish punk (dawson). Plus new indie from Indonesia (Bedchamber), Austria (laundromat chicks) and the Netherlands (Lewsberg). Not to mention: returns from two favorites (Chris Stamey, Graeme Jefferies) from very different places both musically and geographically.

Full lineup with links below…


Former Champ – Beginner’s Luck

Bedchamber – Capa City

dawson – Clean Cut

laundromat chicks – Never Return

Lewsberg – Without A Doubt

Dippers – Encouragement In Brackets

Grids and Dots – Pink Plaster Walls

Film School – Don’t You Ever

SGO – Pieces of You

Bélver Yin – Una vida por delante (Candela​´​s song)

Slowdive – kisses

Swansea Sound – KEEP YOUR HEAD ON

Chris Stamey – She Might Look My Way

Tony Molina – Just A Day

Graeme Jefferies – Where Can We Run To Now?