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Cycles Per Second 06/12/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Chinese pop distortion (天然味道Natural Flavor), Greek jangle (Secret Postcards), New Zealand surf-punks (The Wendys) and jittery Italian rockers (MaDDaM). American indie: Seattle post-punk (Student Nurse), Phoenix DIY art punk (the sheaves), jangle from Baltimore (The Smashing Times) and Michigan (Mighty Clouds), punky Ohio art pop (The Drin, Winston Hightower) and sounds from sweet to psych from the SF Bay (Swiftumz, Golfball Jr., Magic Fig).

Dive deeper on your favorites via links to band and label Bandcamps, below…


The Drin – Elude the Torch

Program – Lining Up

Shop Regulars – Off Season Walker

Winston Hightower – O N O

Nightshift – Phone

Mighty Clouds – Anagram

Swiftumz – Never Impress

Golfball Jr. – Rewind

Secret Postcards – My Ghost

WUT – Talking to Strangers

The Smashing Times – Breaking The Lawn

the sheaves – Leisure Facts (Domestic Exp)

The Male Gays – Be Kind

Magic Fig – Labyrinth

天然味道Natural Flavor – 天​然​味​道–4

The Wendys – Lo-Fi Lies

MaDDaM – (Maverick) Can’t Stop Beating

Student Nurse – Aurora

Cycles Per Second 06/05/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: American DIY indie rock and pop from Oakland (neutrals), Philadelphia (Honey Radar), Portland (Shady Cove), Chicago (Coffin Pricks), NYC (+/-) and Maine (Biz Turkey). French bands, incl Parisian post-punk (Les Clopes) and dancey shoegaze (SCHØØL), plus minimal synth from Bordeaux (bassbassgâterie). Plus Canadian lo-fi (Puppet Wipes), UK spiky pop (Silicone Values) and garage (VIRVON VARVON), German jangle (Cinema Engines) and sparkling Spanish post-punk (Bola de Cristal).

Need more details on what you just heard? Go no further than a short series of pixels below…


neutrals – The Iron That Never Swung

Silicone Values – Streaming TV

Honey Radar – Balloon Surgery

all fall down – it’s a worry

Puppet Wipes – Stepping Through The Marsh


Les Clopes – Les clopes

Bola de Cristal – Telemá​​tica

Coffin Pricks – Only Flesh Wound

bassbassgâterie – jamais

Buffet Lunch – Worth (Confirmed) ft. Me Lost Me

Cinema Engines – The Big Picture

Biz Turkey – Loudest Voice in the Room

+/- {Plus/Minus} – Calling Off The Rescue

Shady Cove – True

Wishy – Little While

SCHØØL – N​.​S​.​M​.​L​.​Y​.​D