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Cycles Per Second 09/29/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This Friday is another Bandcamp Friday, so listen up, then stock up by looking down…


Corridor – Et Hop

Friko – Get Numb To It!

Soft Walls – You’re a Fool

Magic Roundabout – Sneaky Feelin’

Fort Revere – Without You [Demo]

Alicja-Pop – Incandescent Time Continuum

Ibex Clone – Western Climes

Off Peak Arson – In Perpetuity

Silver Synthetic – Some Of What You Want

The Exbats – Coolsville USA

YOU SAID STRANGE – Mourning Colors

Subsonic Eye – Matahari

Sheep’s Bed – Saturday, A Sunny Day

Docks – Macabeu

Syntoma – No Me Puedo Controlar

Cycles Per Second 09/22/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Travel on over to Mixcloud to listen to this week’s show. Once you’ve filled your ears, continue to fill your music library, below…


Dead Finks – (My Human) Extinction

Smirk – Miniscule Amounts

Set-Top Box – Climb The Ladder

Why Bother? – Dead Again

Virvon Varvon – Allergies

Low Life – Agony & XTC

Barlow – Object of…

DIVES – Streets

Semihelix – Will it take

Ovlov – Land of Steve-O

Moderate Rebels – You & Your Shadows

Habibi – Nice

The Treasures Of Mexico – Always The Shadows

Leah Callahan – Neil the Dancing Girl

YVETTE – For a Moment

semi trucks – 13th Floor