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Cycles Per Second 11/23/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Aussie indie ahoy! With lilting pop from Adelaine (Dead Roo), returns from Brisbane indie rockers (Babaganouj) and a songwriting legend (Robert Forster). Japanese psych-pop shamble (Hallelujahs) to Chinese electro-psych rock (WHITE+). UK post-punk (Beige Banquet), dream pop (Maripool) and a guitar pop raveup (Swansea Sound). Plus lo-fi whimsy from SF (Children Maybe Later) to NYC (Pepper Kings). And new NZ music from ex-Jean-Paul Satre Experience/The Renderers folks (MEDal).

Scope out more via links below…


Smirk – God’s Light

Beige Banquet – Acid Bath

Swansea Sound – Music Lover

Babaganouj – What Planet Do You Come From?

Dead Roo – Compare Yourself

Pepper Kings – Aardvark Artwork

Children Maybe Later – IMDb

The Rosslyns – Someone’s Happy

Hallelujahs – Pie​-​Para​-​Para

MEDaL – Divide

WHITE+ – 43 (Falling Down)

Maripool – This Time Again

Robert Forster – Tender Years

The Jazz Butcher – Silver Street

Cycles Per Second 11/16/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

The show this week features a batch of eclectic now sounds: Futuristic jazz from France (Theoreme) and post-modern disco from the SF Bay. Reissues from Montana new wave (Who Killed Society) to Melbourne experimentalism (Jane Stevenson). Spiky mod pop from Ireland (Soft On Crime), Australian jangle (Dog Name) and post-punk (department.), Italian doom-pop (Waving Blue), and Dutch minimalism (Lewsberg).

You know how to find your way to the bonus tracks, bios and buy links: scroll!


Soft On Crime – Telex Eyes

Who Killed Society – Suburban Hope

Flex TMG – Ghost

Theoreme – Les Gifles Du Pari​é​tal

Jane Stevenson – Soloaloha

Dog Name – I can’t figure it out

Hadda Be – Mercurial

Waving Blue – Lazy Sunday

Ett Eko – Modern Content

department. – World Music for Nationalists (nstop radio edit)

The Photocopies – Falling Apart

Weird Nightmare – So Far Gone

Those Pretty Wrongs – Paper Cup

Lewsberg – The Playground

Marlody – SUMMER