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Cycles Per Second 07/26/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Dream pop and shoegaze from Japan (COLLAPSE) and Singapore (Subsonic Eye), top guitar pop from the UK (The Dentists) and Australia (Pash) and lo-fi folk-drone from NZ (Pumice). American sounds from prime LA synth-pop (Cupid & Psyche) to NYC art pop (Patio) to frantic Mass art punk (Landowner) to SF Bay sounds from hazy (HELPFUL PEOPLE, Now) to psychedelic (Non Plus Temps). Plus a Lush co-founder (Emma Anderson) steps out with her solo debut!

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Pash – Possession

HELPFUL PEOPLE – Protection Energy

The Dentists – (We Thought We’d Got To) Heaven (BBC Session)

Who Is She? – Thursday

Now – Wind Was

Patio – Sixpence

Non Plus Temps – Hide Away

Pumice – Security

Blue Dolphin – Ida

Landowner – Aftermath

screensaver – The Guilt

Emma Anderson – Bend The Round

Catch Rabbit – Shut the Windows

Cupid & Psyche – Angels On The Phone

Subsonic Eye – Yearning


Cycles Per Second 07/19/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: New indie from the western coast of the USA, traveling up the cost from San Jose (Star 99) to the SF Bay (Famous Mammals, the 1981) to Portland (Woolen Men) to Olympia, WA (Kicking Giant). Plus Spanish shoegaze (LINDA GUILALA), German electro-pop (Die Mädchen), French indie rock (Special Friend), skewed Norwegian pop (Podcasts), Australian punk (split system) and some ripping British jangle (The Hazmats).

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The Hazmats – Wondered

Podcasts – Amazing !

Woolen Men – Spoiled

Famous Mammals – Empty London

Ribbon Stage – Amy Goodman’s Favorite Girl

Choirgirls – I Should Have Kissed Him Then

the 1981 – Make It Right

Star 99 – Girl

split system – Alone Again

Kicking Giant – O Samba

Wicketkeeper – Alarm Clock Radio

Special Friend – Applause!

LINDA GUILALA – Estado Natural

Die Mädchen – Reiselust

Dippers – Recurrent Sight

flypaper – looking for clues