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Cycles Per Second 03/29/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie pop from Greece (The Vaxtones) to France (En Attendant Ana) to Australia (The Sprouts). Spacey and far-out sounds from LA (Pearl & The Oysters) to NZ (Blair Parkes) to Sweden (Death & Vanilla) to the UK (Mark Peters). Plus more new indie from Finland (1981), Germany (Yfory), Belgium (Annabel Lee) and the USA (Fell Off).

Learn more and listen more via the links below…


1981 – What Should We Do with the Ones Who Don’t Feel the Same?

Garden Centre – Shock Site

Yfory – Dim Siawns

Annabel Lee – Dinosaur

Fell Off – Sandbar

Dragnet – Strike

Special Friend – BĂȘte

The Sprouts – Hammer

Playthings – Dumb

The Vaxtones – Never Ending Story

Teenage Tom Petties – Posters

The Plus 4 – She’s In My Head

En Attendant Ana – Black Morning

Pearl & The Oysters – Read the Room (feat. Laetitia Sadier)

Mark Peters – Alpenglow

Blair Parkes – almost proud

Death & Vanilla – Transparent Things

Cycles Per Second 03/22/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: French indie rock (Tally Ho!), Aussie punk (Optic Nerve), unearthed vintage Japanese post-punk (Non Band). Jangle from the UK (Holiday Ghosts) to Canada (Tough Age). Plus new American indie from Boston (Invisible Rays) to NYC (Zwei Null Zwei, Fly Ashtray) to Olympia (FUGITIVE BUBBLE) to the SF Bay (Whitney’s Playland, April Magazine, CVCC, Public Interest).

links to listen and purchase below…


Tough Age – Time & Again

Holiday Ghosts – Favourite Freak

Fly Ashtray – Why Are You Asking Me?

Tally Ho! – Standing Tall

Dazy – Always In Between

Public Interest – Residue

Non Band – Vibration Army


Optic Nerve – Trap Door

Whitney’s Playland – Backwards Forever

April Magazine – Brighter

Sumos – Finding A Way

CVCC – Bardo Youth

Invisible Rays – Grounded

Zwei Null Zwei – No Reference