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Cycles Per Second 05/31/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: French post-punk from Lille (L’Argousier) and Brest (Chafouin), Australian indie from Brisbane (Start Together) to Melbourne (Bollard, Ron Rude) and punk from Indonesia (Grrrl Gang). American sounds from Boston shoegaze (Bedroom Eyes) to lo-fi Michigander rock (ditch bunnies) to DC songcraft (FAUNAS). New Zealand indie from Auckland urgency (Guardian Singles) to Wellington expansiveness (Orangefarm). And the return of NYC’s Patio!

Read on for more about everything you heard on this week’s show, mostly direct from the bands and labels…


Patio – En Plein Air

L’Argousier – Diluer

Bollard – Between the hemispheres

Chafouin – D​é​jà

ditch bunnies – Hold the Phone


Guardian Singles – Com Trans

Current Affairs – No Fuss

Student Nurse – Hair

Grrrl Gang – Spunky!

Panic Pocket – MR BIG

Start Together – Separate Beds

Bedroom Eyes – Brood

Orangefarm – Settle​(​In Your Eyes)

Ron Rude – Silver City


Cycles Per Second 05/24/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: New sounds from various American enclaves, from St. Louis, MO (Soup Activists) to Santa Clara, CA (Jake Mann) to Richmond, VA (Sneaky Thoughts) to Holyoke, MA (Landowner) to Phoenix, AZ (the sheaves). French minimalism (Ashes Divine), Swiss cool (ONETWOTHREE), Australian indie rock (Jungle Breed) and shoegaze from Russian (К​а​и​р) to Ukrainian (last past.).

Links to listen and learn below…


Jungle Breed – Livin’ Lux

Garden Centre – Hall of Fame

Soup Activists – I don’t care what Gilchrist says

Landowner – Witch Museum

the sheaves – Hit Silly

New Math – The Restless Kind

ONETWOTHREE – Are You Have You

Sneaky Thoughts – Can’t stay mad

Heavenly – Tool

Tough Age – Which Way Am I?

Jake Mann – SIGNS

Teenage Fanclub – Foreign Land

Blair Parkes – sirens

К​а​и​р – Тэц–14

last past. – Flying Dreams

Mo Dotti – Ever

Volunteers In Policing Program – Dancing

Ashes Divine – Livid Boy