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Cycles Per Second 07/28/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A pop, punk and shoegaze soundtrack to your summer evening. Find links to your favorites below…


Poster Paints – Number 1

Bricolage – Turn U Over

ALVILDA – NeĢgatif

Drinking Boys And Girls Choir – My Second Universe

The Morning Line – Straight Lines

XV – Costco

Olivia’s World – Hellbent

Guardian Singles – Midnight Swim

Smile Machine – Pretty Today

Minaxi – I Know Where You Go When You Sleep

Exnovios – Luz, espacio, tiempo

David Christian – say yes! to international socialism

Rush to Relax & Morvern – Koga ne mislam

Anika – Never Coming Back

Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton – POB

Cycles Per Second 07/21/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Summer singles / on this playlist mingle / find your favorite art / then add to cart:


BRNDA – Perfect World

XR – Melody

Pip Blom – It Should Have Been Fun

La Luz – In the Country

The Garrys – Sintaluta

UV-TV – I Don’t Mind

Off Peak Arson – Disarrayed

Ibex Clone – Just Another Human

The Goon Sax – Caterpillars

Film School – Superperfection

Sinkers – Saturday Night

letniy – Early Summer Boys

Special Friend – Meant To Gather

Mac McCaughan – Dawn Bends

The Vovos – Keep Up