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Cycles Per Second 12/27/03: Bandcamp, etc. Links

We’ve just about reached the end of 2023… which mean’s it’s time for my yearly wrap-up show! All songs played on the show this week are selections from my favorite LPs and EPs released in 2023. Check out the links below in the running playlist, or skip to the bottom for final standings.


Famous Mammals – Let The Light In

Bed Bits – Roly’s Grotto

Dancer – Chris Whitty’s Inner World

divorcer – Crying

Field School – I Think You’re Amazing, Grace

Blues Lawyer – True Love’s Only Name

Versing – Distractions

Feeling Figures – Seek and Hide

Holiday Ghosts – Limbo

seablite – Faded

Lewsberg – An Ear To The Chest

Barbara Manning – Tape You To A Star

Tough Age – Scattered

En Attendant Ana – The Cut Off

Patio – The Sun

Ibex Clone – Funeral

The Tubs – Duped

rocky – Repeater

Cycles Per Second :: Best of 2023

Top LPs

  1. (tie) The Tubs – Dead Meat (Trouble In Mind Records)
    (tie) Ibex Clone – All Channels Clear (Goner Records)
  1. Patio – Collection (Fire Talk)
  2. En Attendant Ana – Principia (Trouble In Mind Records)
  3. Tough Age – Waiting Here (Bobo Integral/We Are Time)
  4. Barbara Manning – Charm of Yesterday​… Convenience of Tomorrow (Ba Da Bing Records)
  5. Lewsberg – Out and About (12XU)
  6. Seablite – Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn)
  7. Holiday Ghosts – Absolute Reality (FatCat Records)
  8. Feeling Figures – Migration Magic (K/Perennial)

Honorable Mention LPs

Famous Mammals – Instant Pop Expressionism Now! (Siltbreeze Records)
Bed Bits – Bed Bits (self-released)
rocky – rocky (Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club)

Top EPs

  1. Versing – Tape II (self-released)
  2. Blues Lawyer – Sight Gags On The Radio (Dark Entries Records)
  3. Field School – A Familiar Fate (Small Craft Advisory)
  4. divorcer – Espionage (Domestic Departure)
  5. Dancer – Dancer (GoldMold Records)

Cycles Per Second 12/20/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Nothing but festive indie music this week on the 7th annual Cycles Per Second Holiday Special, featuring new seasonal tunes for 2023 from around the globe.

Full playlist and links below…


Be Afraid – Never Gay at Christmastime

Peaness – Kiss Me Sweet Pea

Kisswhistle – Verhannukah

Saiko Ryusui & The Animal Gangsters – Sleigh Ride

theCatherines – This Year My Wishlist Only Says “Peace”

Wife Patrol – Christmas ’96

silver biplanes – Silver Bells

The Cleaners From Venus – Spirits of Old Christmas

Lunar Vacation – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Cecilia – D​é​cembre

Swansea Sound – SANTA BAIL ME OUT

The Crystal Furs – Snow Halation

The Surfisticats – Santa Bring Me A Surfboard Please

U.S.Highball – Our World

Neil Brogan – Our First Christmas

Pylon Reenactment Society – Christmas Daze