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Cycles Per Second 02/23/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Aussie indie: Sydney (Coconut Cream, Body Type) to south of Melbourne (Doe St). NZ power pop (Best Bets). Lo-fi fuzz from Chile (Confío en tus amigos) to Brighton, UK (SNOOZERS) to Washington, USA (Star Party). Jangle & dreamy pop from NYC (jeanines) to Michigan (Idle Ray) to Stockholm (Stephen’s Shore) to Paris (Cœur-joie). Plus spacey sounds from Chicago (Bitchin’ Bajas). Read on for the full playlist with purchase links…


jeanines – Any Day Now

Best Bets – Olympic Sprinter

Doe St – Chasing the Scream

Jim Shepherd – Coming Alive

Mattiel – Those Words

Dama Scout – emails from suzanne

Body Type – Sex & Rage

Confío en tus amigos – Donde esta el drama

Star Party – Shot Down

Die Verlierer – Mann Im Mond

Stephen’s Shore – Ocean’s Calling

Cœur-joie – Dimi l’étoile

Coconut Cream – Safety Net

Idle Ray – Corridors of Summer

SNOOZERS – Duke and Bear

Bitchin’ Bajas – QUAKENBRÜCK [Version]

Cycles Per Second 02/16/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Crunchy, kinetic pop from Australia (Hooper Crescent, Minor Premiers), Japan (Mica Flakes), UK (Peaness), USA (Blue Streak, Lofi Legs). Lo-fi melody from Madison, WI (Red Pants), St. Louis, MO (the boy (that i once knew)), Buntingford, UK (The Debutantes). And NZ indie from names new (The Dripz) and old (Peter Jefferies). Links below to hear more and purchase…


Hooper Crescent – Instant Lawn

Peaness – How I’m Feeling

Blue Streak – Erika

Minor Premiers – Like Summer

Lofi Legs – Thinking of You

Lightning In A Twilight Hour – The Circling Of The Seasons

Sea Lemon – Sunday

The Dripz – Bird in the Hand

Garden Centre – Love In A Room Full Of Cans

Peter Jefferies and Wio – Remain Over Me

Red Pants – Lost Momentum

The Debutantes – She’s Out Of Your Way Now

the boy (that i once knew) – all the dirt

Mica Flakes – Always Feel

Hater – Something

Pierre Gisèle – Distorsion harmonique