Monthly Archives: June 2021

Cycles Per Second 06/30/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Closing out June with another batch of new tunes—catch ’em to keep…


the Yummy Mouths – Trans​-​Lunar Injection (nstop radio edit)

XR – Repeater

Delivery – Rubber

The Flying Tiger Claw – Face Gaze

Melenas – Osa Polar

Tempura Nights – Open Mall

Colleen Green – I Wanna Be a Dog

Hater – Bad Luck

The Lions Constellation – Don’t Realize

Dag – Small Town Affair

The Uneven Planet – Trains To Tomorrow

Eggs on Mars – Hand Tools

Happypills – ライトニング

English Summer – Rachel’s Dance

sock jock – i

Cycles Per Second 06/23/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

New releases aplenty from just the past week in tonight’s show. More on the bands and records below…


Jesuslesfilles – Doux Doux

asta rangu – Nico

Koalra – Soft as Clouds

MESH – CIA Mind Control

Tús Nua – Lights Out

Famous Mammals – Observer and the Object

Smirk – Staring At Screens

MOD CON – Ammo

Romero – Troublemaker

Nightspell – Pegasus

Roy Montgomery – Pranged

The Cakekitchen – Fall to Bits

Tudor House – Melting In The Sun


The Catenary Wires – Three Wheeled Car