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Cycles Per Second 10/27/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Another stream of songs, another batch of Bandcamps, all laid out for you right here…


Cotton Crown – Wretched Lie

La Paloma – Ya está

Aluminum – As Big As You Are

Hand Of Glory – A Tune

Astral Brain – Behind Our House

Dummy – H.V.A.C.

22° Halo – Ripple

Lena Platonos – In September

Tvärtom – Järkytys

Le Pain – Obvious to You

Pash – Somersault

Hits – Drawstring Ties

The Antelopes – Crazy For You

EEP – No Inbetween

Cycles Per Second 10/20/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Details on how to grab your favorites from this week’s show are in the links, as always…


Almost Lovers – Turn Around

The Nervous Hex – Wash

Dianas – Bliss

Laetitia Sadier – New Moon

Julia Shapiro – Someone

screensaver – No Movement



Bantam Lyons – Wilhelmine

The Mary Veils – Home Video

Colatura – The Met

Puzzles y Dragones – Documentos TV

Swansea Sound – I’m OK When You’re Around

Silicone Values – Nothing Wrong With Me

The Dream Syndicate – Slide Away (Demo, 1985)