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Cycles Per Second 01/26/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: British melody aplenty: London punk-pop (Ex-Vöid), Nottingham psych-pop (The Soundcarriers) and Welsh pop that chugs (The Bug Club) and swoons (Armstrong). SF Bay brings the post-punk guitar (Marbled Eye) and pop swirling (Papercuts) to noisy (Lavender Blush). Plus Brazilian shoegaze (Moon Pics), Aussie post-punk (The Shifters) and indie rock (David West), Parisian art-pop (Melody’s Echo Chamber). Links to hear more and buy below…


BODEGA – Thrown

Marbled Eye – Dirty Water

Ex-Vöid – Churchyard

The Bug Club – Intelectuals

pHoaming Edison – Ear and End

The Shifters – Right Stuff

The Soundcarriers – All These Things

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Looking Backward

Papercuts – The Strange Boys

Armstrong – Disinformation

David West – The Poet of My Dreams

Lavender Blush – The Spark

Field School – Loving Me Was Never Gonna Work Out

Morgues – Outer Space

Moon Pics – No

The Most Distant Object – Pure Neutral

Cycles Per Second 01/19/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Time flies when you’re having fun… every single week doing this radio show! Celebrating 5 years on the air at Hollow Earth Radio, Cycles Per Second this week brings you more never-before-heard live recordings from my personal collection, with songs from The Mad Scene (Hamish Kilgour/The Clean), Sebadoh, Japanese Beetles (Shonen Knife/Christmas/Big Dipper) and Pest 5000. Plus new indie music, as always.

Links to buy and/or listen to more are below…


The Mad Scene – People To Talk To (live)

Parker Sprout – Milk in the Sun

No Suits In Miami – The Robins Sang

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed

Clear Capsule – Surface Dweller

The Japanese Beetles – Ice Cream City (live)

Hot Gum – Names

Yucky Duster – Johnny

Bas Jan – Sex Cult

Bad Penny – So Pretty

Heart Shaped – Version of You

Sebadoh – Good Things, Proud Man (live)

Robert Scott & Dallas Henley – Onside

alicia jeanine – go or stay

The Orchids – I Don’t Mean to Stare

The Chills – I’ll Stick By You

Pest 5000 – Fault (live)