Monthly Archives: April 2021

Cycles Per Second 04/28/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

So many new-to-me artists this week—perhaps new to you to? Explore more below…


Cafe Racer – Zenith

Mesh – Company Jeep

Swords Award – Inside the City

Blue Ocean – Lava

Qlowski – Lotta Continua

Blair Parkes – at sea

Dag – Big Plans (Little Hands)

The Emerald Isle – Craigsmile

Hadda Be – This Won’t End Well

Anika – Finger Pies

EXEK – Several Souvenirs

The Planes – Decoder Ring

Unschooling – NYE

hennen – zero expectations

Truckstar – Jesters Confessional

Cherry Pickles – David (I Hope You Don’t Mind)

Piroshka – Scratching At The Lid

Cycles Per Second 04/21/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

A last-minute mix of current favorites and new discoveries. Your chance to explore further in the links below…


Nightspell – Sea of Thieves

UV-TV – Back To Nowhere

Las Ligas Menores – La Nieve

빅베트 Bigbet – 무지개소년 Rainbow Boy

Fake Fruit – Yolk


Days – Downhill

Redspencer – Happy

PiP – Snow Into The Carpet

Fourth Mansions – Many Stuff

Tangled Shoelaces – Oceans Away

Gula Blend – Va ifred


Body Breaks – Between the Heart and the Mind

Dutch Wine – Whisky

Zero Cool – full buzz