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Cycles Per Second 03/30/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Effervescent garage-pop: Melbourne (The Stroppies, Good Morning) to Toronto (Steven Lambke) to London (Ex-Vöid) to Oakland (neutrals). UK lo-fi (Gravelin), Indonesian pop (Linger), American indie rock (Lifeguard). Dreamy sounds, UK (Laurie Armitt) to USA (Lightfoils, Beach Vacation). Electronic pop from Greece to LA. Plus classic mid-90s Welsh jangle (Southville).

Look below for the usual breadcrumb trails to more music from the bands you heard this week…


Ex-Vöid – Boyfriend (nstop radio edit)

neutrals – Bus Stop Nights

Good Morning – Country

Steven Lambke – Sea Level

Gravelin – Walk Like a Pedestrian

The Stroppies – Up to My Elbows

Tomato Flower – Truth Lounge

Lila Giljotina – Duhovi

Automatic – New Beginning

Foliage – Can’t Go Anywhere

Southville – Across The Airwaves

Linger – Slow

Laurie Armitt – Dreaming Of Someone

Beach Vacation – It Soothes Me

Lightfoils – where it ends you

Lifeguard – Loose Cricket

Cycles Per Second 03/23/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Post-punk abounds, from Melbourne (Vintage Crop) to Cincinnati (Crime of Passing) to Paris (TERRITORY). Space-age sounds from London (Astrel K), winding pop from LA (Mo Dotti) and Boston (The Very) and revved-up jangle from Vancouver. Plus German indie pop (Crabber, Subterfuge) and rock-n-roll from Lyon (VICEPREZ), Washington, DC (Glue Factory) and LA (Uni Boys). Follow the thread all the way to these artists’ Bandcamps, below…


Vintage Crop – Double Slants

Apollo Ghosts – Peace Motive

The Very – Looking For A Way

Mo Dotti – Hurting Slowly

Heaven For Real – Sweet Rose

Astrel K – Is It It Or Is It i

Crime of Passing – Tender Fixation

Sexaphone – Because

TERRITORY – White Flag

Rotten Mind – Mysterious Man


Glue Factory – Sand and Foam

Uni Boys – Hypocrite

Eden Smith – A Man’s A Man For A’ That

Crabber – Greek Wine

Subterfuge – 781

Tufthunter – Monsieur Jadis