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Cycles Per Second 09/27/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Sparkling/sparky new indie from Glasgow (Dancer) to NYC (Patio). Pop pastoral from New Jersey (Elk City) and sprung from C86-era roots in Wales (The Hepburns). Japanese indie pop (Teen Runnings, Ferri-Chrome), lo-fi from the SF Bay (Violent Change) to Bordeaux (TH da Freak). Australian (post)punk (Equal Parts, Hooper Crescent, Civic) to pop (Pop Filter), plus a dreamy Apartments cover by a Brisbane band (Renovator’s Delight).

Want to hear more? Or support the artist by making a purchase? Look no further than the links below…


Dancer – Love

Patio – Patience

Elk City – Tried To Move On

The Hepburns – On The Parcels

Pop Filter – Heaven Sent

Equal Parts – A Crisis

Hooper Crescent – Late Night TV

Civic – Satellites

Choncy – Default

Tube Alloys – Slang Word

SNOOZERS – Nobody Likes You

The Planes – Between the Frames

Teen Runnings – Suburban Sounds Forever

Ferri-Chrome – Another Space-Time

Violent Change – Mr. Lay

TH da Freak – Dust

Renovator’s Delight – Black Ribbons

Cycles Per Second 09/20/23: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Indie rock from Spain (Pálida Tez), France (Comité baln​é​aire), Canada (Feeling Figures), Germany (ONYON) and Australia (The Belair Lip Bombs). Swedish psych (Virginia And The Flood) and Dutch precision (Lewsberg). New Zealand new school (Cuticles) to a classic reissued (Peter Gutteridge). And new music from the west coast USA: Portland punk (Collate) and sweetness (Plastic Cactus), Olympia jangle (Field School), and SF Bay pop from hushed (Tony Jay) to roaring (Blue Ocean).

Keep scrolling for links to everything you heard on the show this week…


Lewsberg – Going Places

Peter Gutteridge – Planet Phrom

Comité baln​é​aire – Terra Merita

Blue Ocean – Ode

Virginia And The Flood – RD Poison I

Field School – So Gray

Cuticles – Discarded Cream Pavlova

Tufthunter – Dervish

Idle Ray – Localism Hours

The Belair Lip Bombs – Gimme Gimme

Feeling Figures – Movement

Collate – Guilty Collector

Swansea Sound – I MADE A WORK OF ART

ONYON – Egg Machine

Pálida Tez – Medio vivo, medio muerto

Plastic Cactus – Inferior Interior

Tony Jay – The Switch For The Light