Monthly Archives: April 2021

Cycles Per Second 04/14/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Spring has sprung, along with new songs from bands familiar and fresh. Peep the show above, buy below…


Wombo – Dreamsickle

PURRSES – Hey Girl

Olivia’s World – Social Seagull

Diana – Scotty Got Fat and Doesn’t Party No More

Holiday Ghosts – Off Grid

Pom Poko – Andrew

Boogarins – Basic Lines


Tyler Holmes – Moss

MARAUDEUR – Es Ist Kein Stehlen

Lucky Pierre – Into My Arms

The Lowtones – Near Misses

DETECTS – Damage

Lavender Blush – Sundays

Jesuslesfilles – Troisième semaine

Remanentes – Cuando era mejor estar los dos

Spread Joy – Kanst Du

Cycles Per Second 04/07/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Lots of new bands to further explore on this week’s show. Links with more info and more music below…


Massage – Half a Feeling

Blue Ocean – Summer Of Hands

Miners – Aberration

Eleventh Dream Day – A Case to Carry On

Antonioni – Mouth Breather (nstop radio edit)

The Pink Noise – Wall of Ice

Dexy Oscillator – Who

Viuda – Copla

CDG – Remove Officer

Unschooling – Social Chameleon

Smile – Every New Mistake

Love, Burns – Hard to Fall

The Raft – You’re An Animal

Second-Hand Furniture – Nice Try, Sunshine!

Strawberry Generation – 18 March

HUAN HUAN – Lauren

The Hannah Barberas – Puppet Show

Coral Grief – Crumble