Cycles Per Second 07/03/24: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indonesian indie rock (The Jansen), melodic Spanish post-punk (Tatxers), futuristic French space-garage rock (Stephane Gillet), Canadian power pop (Night Court) and atmospheric jangle from Australia (Bedroom Holiday) and Sweden (Red Sleeping Beauty). And USA indie from Ohio (didi), Arizona (The Sheaves), NY (Mr. Pescado), SF (Kelley Stoltz) and St. Louis (Soup Activists).

Bandcamp links incoming…


Tatxers – Etsaiak agurtzen

The Bug Club – Lonsdale Slipons

Mr. Pescado – Clover

Night Court – Cellphone

Stephane Gillet aka The Rest Of Alfredo Garcia – ROGER CORMAN

CRUMBS – 4291

Mope Grooves – Forever Is A Long Time

The Sheaves – Sanctum Cross

The Jansen – Hanya Ada Kegelapan yang Menunggumu Di Sana

didi – twin harmony

Nightshift – Sure Look

Summer Flake – What’s On The Other Side

Soup Activists – Chateau Kids

Teenage Tom Petties – Kissed Me In Seattle

Kelley Stoltz – Hide In A Song

Comet Gain – Only Happy When I’m Sad

Bedroom Holiday – A New Way

Red Sleeping Beauty – The Sound Of Summer