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Cycles Per Second 05/12/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Lots of bands making their Cycles Per Second debut this week. Check out more music from those that may be also new to you…


Germ House – Record The Mistakes

Famous Mammals – Final Decor

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Gold

Tough Age – Giuseppe Pizzeria

Mainly Spaniards – That’s What Friends Are For

Mini Skirt – Censorship (nstop radio edit)

Bathysphere – window

Body Shop – Delinkwent

The Krimis – Dull

SPLLIT – Heavy Headed Time

Sieve – Prudence

The Goon Sax – In the Stone

Maxband – Good Time

Idle Ray – New Weird Thing

Massage – Made of Moods


Cycles Per Second 05/05/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

Time to load up our virtual shopping carts once more for this Bandcamp Friday. Many finds await in the show stream above for your purchase below…


The Tubs – Two Person Love

Soft on Crime – You’ve Already Made Up Your Mind

the black watch – Off You Go!

Malamute – Solo confío en mi perro

Hurry – It’s Dangerous

Mope City – Figure in My Peripheral

Nightshift – Fences

TOW – If I’m in Love with You

Die Mädchen – Die Blumen verstehen

The Chills – Worlds Within Worlds

Cozy Slippers – When Will When Come?

The Laughing Chimes – Try to change my mind

Ama – I See You See

The Catenary Wires – The Overview Effect