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Cycles Per Second 12/15/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Antipodean pop, from Sydney lo-fi (Jack Lee) to Melbourne twang (Partner Look) & syncopation (Great Earthquake). garage pop from Christchurch (Best Bets) and Auckland (Dirty Pixels). American indie from the jagged jangle in Philly (Honey Radar) and Portland, ME (Heaven’s Cameras) to delicate pop in Baltimore (Linda Smith) and fuzzed-out rock in Olympia (THIN VEIL). Plus French electro-pop (Grand Veymont).

See below for links to everything played…


Best Bets – Whataworld

Dirty Pixels – Reading My Lips

Heaven’s Cameras – Fiscal Weeks

Honey Radar – Plum Scouts


Jack Lee – Nice Mice

Linda Smith – Afternoon Tea

McCookerybook & Rotifer – Not What I Intended

Partner Look – Rodeo Tragic

Great Earthquake – Bubble

Fir Cone Children – Turtle Stone

Royal Arch – La Nuit

Moderate Rebels – I Don’t Want To Go To The Shop (Session Version)

DIE SCHIEFE BAHN – Atmungsaktiv

Grand Veymont – Les rapides bleus

Cycles Per Second 12/08/21: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week’s show has international jangle, from Russia (Перемотка) to Austria (laundromat chicks) to Argentina (Un día soleado) to New Zealand (Joe Sampson) to France (Beach Youth) & Italy (Grand Drifter). New indie from Australia (EXEK, Seven Hour Days), Holland (Personal Trainer) and the USA from points east (Superchunk), south (K. Campbell) and west (Koalra, Jinx).

Links to everything you heard in this week’s show can be found below…


Lurve – Hamsters (I don’t care if both of us die)

Перемотка – Красива

Seven Hour Days – Tell Me

Koalra – Clarity

Jinx – Feeling New

Joe Sampson – Every Window In Richmond

Un día soleado – Diez paseos

laundromat chicks – it must be the stars

Grand Drifter – Hidden From Your Sight

Beach Youth – Two Bedrooms

Eleventh Dream Day – Cracks in My Smile

Superchunk – Endless Summer

K. Campbell – Breaking Glass

Personal Trainer – The Loozer (nstop radio edit)

EXEK – (I’m After) Your Best Interest