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Cycles Per Second 01/12/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

This week: Jangle USA from the greater SF Bay (Artsick, Orange Dots, The Reds, Pinks & Purples) to Minneapolis (Green/Blue) to Boston (bedbug). Aussie pop from Brisbane (Seasoning) to Sydney (Sweetie), punk from Melbourne (Gemini). Scandinavian indie percolating in Norway (Pom Poko), pulsating in Sweden (Astral Brain). Plus new music from old Brit faves (The Monochrome Set, The Jazz Butcher).¬†Links below to relevant Bandcamp pages for everything played on the show…


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – I Still Owe You Everything

Green/Blue – Day Gone

Seasoning – Friends

Sweetie – Blind Spot

The Luxembourg Signal – Travel Through Midnight

Balkans – Dressed In Black

Gemini – Public Figure

Confusion – Mucosidad

Artsick – Look Again

Astral Brain – Treasures

Orange Dots – A lot to take

The Monochrome Set – Hello, Save Me

Pom Poko – Enduro Corner

Walking Lands – Greet! Yield!

bedbug – songs about ghosts

The Jazz Butcher – Running on Fumes

Cycles Per Second 01/05/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Indie rock from Wollongong, Australia (chimers, Miners), Ljubljana, Slovenia (morvern) and Tokyo, Japan (Cairophenomenons). Melodic pop from Melbourne (The Fish John West Reject), NYC (Love, Burns), Malm√∂ (Orange Crate Art), Brighton (Jetstream Pony), Tokyo (THE PATS PATS) and San Francisco (seablite). And we end with a Welsh space-rock jam that spans almost the final quarter of the show (Bookhouse). Links to more info about each of the releases featured on this show can be found below…


chimers – surrounds

Miners – Whipper

morvern – Bad Blood

Cairophenomenons – MEKKI

Orange Crate Art – Concorde 79

Love, Burns – Dear Claire

The Fish John West Reject – Southwesterly

Jetstream Pony – The Naked Time

THE PATS PATS – Heart Eyes

seablite – Ink Bleeds

asta rangu – Melancholics

Bookhouse – Eferwad y Tonnau Gwyn