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Cycles Per Second 09/14/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: Indie rock from Minneapolis (Green/Blue) to Istanbul (Foton Ku​ş​a​ğ​ı), Chicago (Dendrons) to Dunedin (Francisca Griffin). And another bumper crop of new music from the Pacific Northwest: Portland dream pop (Shady Cove), post-punk (Hot Gum) and indie rock (Woolen Men), plus the radio broadcast debut of Seattle indie pop trio Model Shop!

Links below for those who want to explore further…


Jeanines – After All

Love, Burns – What To Do About Us?

Mythical Motors – The Virgo Blitz

St Christopher – Stornoway

The Spanish Amanda – Watch The Man Burn

Model Shop – Letters to Melissa

Delivery – Baader Meinhof

Woolen Men – Why Do Parties Have To End?

Green/Blue – Worry

Hot Gum – Clothes

Uni Boys – Take A Look Around

Foton Ku​ş​a​ğ​ı – Fast for the 70’s

Francisca Griffin & the Bus Shelter Boys – Lunar Fall

David Westlake – E Is For The Empire

Peel Dream Magazine – Pictionary

Dendrons – True

Shady Cove – Salty Weather

Cycles Per Second 09/07/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On the show this week: A Bandcamp Friday bounty, with Californian indie rock & pop from the greater Bay Area (Aluminum, Deerhoof, The Variable Stars, affectionately) to SoCal (Self Improvement). Dutch Yé-Yé (Fleur) to post-punk (Geo), Japanese noise rock (ODDLY) and Norwegian emo-punk (Probleman). Plus psych rock & pop from Australia (Sunfruits), Switzerland (The Flying Tiger Claw) and Wales (Melin Melyn).

More about each of the artists in this week’s show can be found below…


Aluminum – Windowpane

Red Pants – Century Phaser

The Variable Stars – I Don’t Want To Tell Anyone

affectionately – Turning Back the Time (Ver. 1)

The Smashing Times – Lost, When I Remember

T54 – CR Model

The Flying Tiger Claw – Hive Life

Sunfruits – Made To Love

Melin Melyn – Hold the Line

Fleur – Le Capharna​ü​m

Adele & The Chandeliers – Up There For Thinking

Deerhoof – My Lovely Cat

Geo – Night Fiction

Self Improvement – Fear & Power

Nervous Twitch – We Don’t Care

ODDLY – Alligator

Probleman – Huset du bodd i