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Cycles Per Second 10/05/22: Bandcamp, etc. Links

On this week’s show: Melbourne madness! A fave musical city delivers: liting pop (Quivers), punk (split system), dark post-punk (Sudden Debt), synth-pop symphonics (Alex Macfarlane). Parisian pop, bright (EggS) to dark (Pam Risourié). SF ‘gaze-pop (Aluminum) and avant-garde ramble (Non Plus Temps). And a musical tribute by Pete Astor marks the loss of Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) a year ago today.

Did you know this Friday is another Bandcamp Friday? Time to click through to your favorites below to add to your shopping list…


Aluminum – Solar

Kindsight – Love You Baby All the Time

EggS – How It Was Before

Free Time – Half Measures

Quivers – If Only

split system – It Ain’t You

Wristwatch – Thread

Sudden Debt – No data

Average Life Complaints – Falling Asleep

Private Lives – All the Queen’s Men

Leah Callahan – Cut​-​Ups

Pam Risourié – Comme un glas

Non Plus Temps – Warm Launderette

Alex Macfarlane – Petroliana

SAVAK – Cold Ocean (Immersion remix)

Preoccupations – Death of Melody

Pete Astor – Fine And Dandy